Greek Women Dating

Women from the land that gave us Zeus and all those gods from the mythologies are exceptional and interesting as the tales.  Unlike the tales, these women are real and all the great stories you hear about them are real. Everyone has their unique character but there are the general characteristics that best define Greek women.  

Dating A Greek  Girl  

Here are some interesting traits of Greek women that you should know if you are interested in dating a Greek girl. 

They Love Greek Men 

Greek women love their Greek men because the truth is that the men treat them like queens. Greek women are loving but they rarely consider foreigners.  The few who date foreigners expect to be treated well because they have grown up seeing their fathers treating their mothers well. Greek men uphold high family values which are a very important part of Greek culture.   This is why the women adore them because a good family rooted in great values is what most Greek women want.   

Very Emotional 

If there is one thing about Greek women is that they are like an open book. They don’t know how to put up appearances when it comes to their emotions.  These women will never pretend to feel happy when they are sad and disappointed. They will cry, laugh and jump for joy when they are happy. They will also cry, openly display their grief or disappointment when they are sad or displeased. When she is happy she will sing and you and others around her will notice her joy. 

Love Dancing  

The Greek woman loves dancing and not only their traditional dance but every kind of dance that is trending.  You will never find a Greek woman who doesn’t know her moves and who is very passionate about it. You will love a night out of dancing and even when she is at home she might just put on music and begin dancing.  Don’t be surprised if she wants you to dance with her.  

Passionate About Most Things 

The Greek woman will be very passionate both in and out of bed.  Even the most basic things such as cooking dancing, cleaning, or creating something,  she will be very passionate. Greeks get involved too deep in everything they do. The things she does might seem basic and meaningless to you but to her these things are important and if they are tasks,  she will carry them out meticulously and with great passion. Let her be if she wants to be passionate because inhibiting her passions is the worst thing you could do to a Greek woman when dating her. 

Very Superstitious 

When dating Greek women keep in mind that they are very superstitious. Don’t be surprised if she knocks on wood, spits and believes in certain stuff. For example, she might believe in something like fortune telling of a coffee stain on a cup. Is she tells you she can see mountains, rivers animals, fortune and so on from your coffee cup just listen and smile?  You must take these superstitions very seriously because it is part of her culture and this is your way of respecting it. However, since these superstitions are passed down from generation to generation, they are dying off slowly, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if the Greek woman you find isn’t strongly superstitious.    

Love Men Who Show Interest In Greek Culture 

When you show your interest in her culture she will warm up towards you. Remember how ancient Greece became the cradle of civilization and many concepts related to math,  philosophy, science and so on came about through Greek scholars? Your Greek lady might have been raised by such a culture and this is why she will love engaging you on eye-opening topics that surround her culture.  You can always ask her why her grandmother shows up at your wedding in black and why she always wears black. She will then gladly tell you that she wears black out of respect for her deceased husband. She will also tell you how this tradition came to be and it will make for a great discussion that will bring you closer.  

A Name Day For Your Greek  Girl 

With a Greek girlfriend in your life, you will have one more festival to celebrate yearly and that will be her name day. This is because most Greek names have saints that are associated with them and the name day is part of the Greek calendar., Good examples are, Julia’s name day is on May 18th while Lydia’s name day falls on May 20th. Celebrate her name day with her by taking her out or cooking for her at home if you are good at it.  You could also get her a present and she will appreciate the effort you will make.

A Great Homemaker 

Most Girls in Greece are great homemakers.  They love cooking and cleaning and would love it if you eat at home. Greek women are great at cooking and they will love cooking the famous Greek food known as spanakopita and pita. The greatest offense you can do to a greek lady is not eating her food. If you are worried about adding more weight from eating, then perhaps you should consider reviewing your exercise program and turning it up a notch higher.  

Moms Open Their Daughter’s Letters 

Think of this when you send her letters. Make your letter romantic and respectful because her mom will read it.  All the raunchy things should only be reserved for when you are together. Mothers are very protective and just want to ensure that everything is alright, so don’t worry about this.

Remember Her Cousin’s Names 

You will probably meet a lot of her family members and her cousins will make the majority of this group.  Expect multiple introductions to her cousins and the best thing you could do in this case is to remember their names.  You can use your phone to take notes or if you have a good memory try to remember them all. The next time you meet her cousins and you will meet them, call them by their names. You will have gained approval from the family just by this simple gesture of remembering. 

Where to Find a Greek Bride 

There are various reputable sites where you can find attractive Greek women and they are as follows: 


This is a site that has been in the online dating business for a long time. You will numerous profiles of single Greek women who will be happy to meet you and interact.  The site makes online dating amazing with its great design, amazing features, and great security.  


This is another site that will help you meet Greek singles because it is an official dating site.  It has amazing features which will make your experience enjoyable. You can text, share photos, call and view profiles of Greek women than single out the ones you like.  It is a site with high prospects of meeting your one true love.  


This is another site worth signing up with.  The site management has done a lot to ensure that you have a great experience when seeking out the love of your life. It has a great design, many profiles of these beautiful women can be viewed. You can check out the ones that fascinate you and use the features available to make contact and keep the conversation going.


Greek women are great for dating and marriage.  They are women you can date, marry and spend the rest of your life in marital bliss with. Now that you know about them, sign up with a good site and meet the Greek love of your life. 

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