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Not all Greek dating experiences are like the one in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Still, it was a happy ending and the couple ended up together.  You can have your version of the Greek dating experience. You have two options, either travel to Greece, spend some time there and integrate yourself into the social circles for you to meet your true love. If your life is in your own country, it would be difficult for you to move to Greece. This is where the Greek dating sites come in.  Some of the best Greek dating sites with apps according to reviews are as follows:

Loveswans doesn’t only feature Greek singles but through its advanced search algorithm, you can search for compatible matches. This is a site with thousands of singles profiles with a history for matching people who have ended up in long-term relationships.  The success rate on this site is high and signing up means you have a great chance of finding your true love. It has awesome messaging features along with a great design that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. With Loveswans you can’t go wrong in your search.

This is another site where you can meet beautiful Greek women. Again it is not an exclusively Greek dating site but it is known for its great number of high-quality profiles.  Registration is free but to experience the best features of Charmerly you have to subscribe to a paid membership. You will have a better experience in your quest for true love on Charmerly .com.

This is a great site to sign up with if you are looking for genuine love online.  It is a site that has been existing for a long time. Everything about it is genuine and all its processes are simple. The lovely designs, a large number of profiles, cool features, security and many search options make this site an awesome site to sign up with.

This is another site designed with singles in mind and it is an exclusively Greek dating site as the name implies.  It has a smooth dating process that encourages singles to search and meet their best matches. The environment is friendly for you to create meaningful friendships and relationships. The site has great communication features, a mobile-friendly site that doesn’t require you to download an app because it is easily accessible. The best thing about this site is that it is free. No paid memberships to limit your access, every one can meet everyone and communicate with them as they please.

This is another exclusive Greek dating site that is also a sister site to EligibleGreeks. You will find a great online dating experience here with the thousands of profiles of hot Greek singles. Using this site is free. You can enjoy all the perks of online dating in Greece here.  Profiles of singles are many and you can send and receive messages, have live video chats and enjoy some great online flirting with the women of your choice. Since 2002 GreekDates has connected millions of singles to their perfect matches. Just like, this site is free.  You can enjoy your love journey without any worries.

This is an awesome exclusive Greek dating site that is very simple to sign up with.   All you need for sign up is a few basic details such as your username, password, gender, email and other details such as age, state, lifestyle, professional life, and some photos.  Navigating on this site is easy and the features allow you to have the best experience ever. The site also features informative information about dating tips and Greek women. This will be helpful especially if you are not familiar with Greek culture.

There are indeed nice Greek singles on this site. They have this very interesting slogan that says, “where Greek singles become Greek couples,” Nice Greeks is full of Greek singles from different backgrounds and foreign men interested in dating Greek women. It is a site that has put measures in place to ensure that everyone gets the best of the site.   Many have been happily married after meeting on this site. They have had the best online dating experience here because of the great features, many profiles, and great customer service at their beck and call.

This is another exclusively Greek dating platform that has gone a step further and proclaimed itself as a “Definite dating site for single people of Hellenic descent.”  It is a free site to join and you get to enjoy all the features offered without any limited access. The site features useful tips on dating topics and good online behavior when seeking or contacting a potential match. It is a site worth signing up with.   


Tips for Online Dating In Greece 

It doesn’t have to be all dramatic when you are dating online.  Here are some expert tips to help you pull through a Greek dating site.

Open Your Heart to Love 

If you are on dating sites from Greece, you have to be open to love.  Be receptive to advances and have the right attitude. Let it show in the manner by which you present your profile, chat with potential singles and look in your profile pictures and videos.  Remember your aim to impress and you can’t do that if you have closed your heart and are simply there. Open up your heart to the possibility of love with every contact you initiate online or any that you receive.  This way, you increase your chances of finding true love. 

Only Become Exclusive After Commitment 

For some people, the first girl they meet impresses them. For others, they have to meet several and single out the one that is special.  Don’t become exclusive just because you have met a girl the first time. The chemistry might fizzle out and you might lose an opportunity to interact with the perfect match. Unless you are sure that a certain girl is a perfect match for you, do not commit and ignore the other girls who make contact with you. This is why you should never become exclusive until you are fully committed to one.  

Share What You Genuinely Feel 

It is good to tell a woman you meet how you feel about certain views. Be open and let her know the way you feel about her, what to expect and your views on relationships. Just be careful that you don’t overshare and scare her away.  Share your feelings to comfortable levels and until you have taken your relationship to another level don’t share the stuff that is too deep. As you share your opinions and feelings ask about her opinions and feelings too because it is not all about you.  

Don’t Pretend to Be What You Are Not 

Imagine her disappointment when she meets you and founds out you are not what you projected online. Greek women don’t know how to hide their feelings; she will clearly show her disappointment and walk away from you. Make sure everything you say about yourself is genuine and that there is no trace of deceit. If you care about a woman, you will be honest with her about what you do and who you are.

Always Put Yourself First 

Treat yourself with kindness and respect and take care of yourself first so you can have the energy to take care of another person. Inspire respect, romance and devotion form the other party in a good way. Let them see you as a person to be loved and respected. 

Be Safe Online  

It is important to stay safe online. Don’t give out too much information on the first contact.  Personal details such as bank details should not be given. You don’t want to be hurt in the end. Online dating is supposed to be fun and with a happy ending not tragic and unfortunate.  Consider only genuine dating sites because such sites hardly have scammers. Just in case there are fraudsters, take your security measures by being careful 


Online dating is fun and with the above tips and sites, you should be on your way to a lifetime of Greek romance and a real happily ever after.  

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