Greek Dating Culture

Greek women are great to date even though there are many rules. They are still a joy to date and knowing a few things about them will make the process easier and more fun. If you are dating a Greek girl or considering dating one, read the guide below to know about the Greek dating culture. 

Greek Dating Customs

Some useful Greek dating rules.

Greeks Love Foreigners

Greece is not the most diverse nation in Europe but it is not unusual to see mixed-race couples on the streets. Greeks date people from all over the world.  The culture allows and encouraged love from all sources. Greek people love interacting with foreigners and when a relationship ensures you will find no objection from the family as long as you are upright.  

Gender Roles Are Still Rigid

Gender equality talks have been rampant but still, the Greek society expects the woman to cook, clean, take care of the home and children. Greek women naturally want to be wooed and taken care of. They are feminine and would love to be treated in such a manner. They dress and act feminine and of course, there are exceptions.  But the majority of women naturally embrace these gender roles. When you date her and eventually marry her, she will always want to cook and clean for you. She will take care of your needs at home and keep the home environment spic and span. She understands that she must make the home habitable.  

Meeting Parents and Friends Means Things Are Serious

You will have to date for a while before you meet her parents.   Meeting her parents means things are serious and headed the marriage way.  You will only agree to meet the parents and the rest of your Greek lady’s family and friends only if you are serious.  You will need the approval of her parents, friends and other family members. Remembering their names and good manners is one of the first things they will check out.  It is more of an evaluation than a pleasant family meeting. Their approval will determine whether the relationship makes progress or not. She might like you but that is not enough, you have to be liked by the people who are important to her too. 

Girls Date and Still Live With Their Parents

Living with her parents is not because of the financial crisis in the country but it is a natural custom for girls to live with their parents long after they finish schooling.  Parents are always present in their children‘s lives even after they are way past their adult age. After things become more serious between the two of you, you will have to make other arrangements for yourselves.  Most of the details of your relationship will be known to her parents, so it is good to be on your best behavior. Treat your Greek lass with a lot of love and respect like the jewel she is. It is part of the culture’s dating etiquette.  

Women Love Dancing

It is rare to find a woman who doesn’t dance in Greek society.  They love their traditional stake, Zeimpekiko, and other modern dancing trends.  You will go out dancing a lot during your dates. If you don’t know how to dance, then a dancing class would be a great date idea for both of you. You will also have to learn a few of their traditional dances to be on the same level and enjoy the dance.

Love Looking Great On the Outward

Greek women love looking great physically.  They will take time to apply makeup, dress beautifully and make their hair in fancy designs. These women are known for their thick long manes of hair which they love the styling.  They also take care of their bodies by remaining fit. Even the seemingly look big are still fit and attractive looking. Greek women generally take their time to look beautiful for their men because they want their men to feel proud and show them off to the world.  With all that effort of looking beautiful, these women would also love to be complimented.  

Expressed Emotions Are Normal

A Greek lady loves showing her emotions and will never pretend to be happy when she is sad.  You will find her expressing her emotions by slapping her hands and legs. Whether she is happy, angry or even as a gesture of intimacy. She can also express herself through her tone of voice or her facial expression.   She might answer questions will a twitch of her nose, a raising of eyebrows or even a twitch of the lips. These expressions will be a great part of communication in your relationship which is why you should watch for them while having a conversation. 

Superstitions Are Part of the Culture

Greek women are known for their superstitious nature.  They will spit and knock on wood to ward off evil. These superstitious are carried out through generations. Don’t be surprised if she exhibits some superstitious tendencies when you are dating.  It is just part of the dating customs. 

Name Day Is An Important Part of Dating

Greek ladies have special name days for their names. During the special name day, you will have to gift her with something special to mark the day.  Therefore the festival calendar will have an addition which is the name day. She will take you out so you can celebrate her name day and it is known as “Kerasma”.

Dad Is the Hero

When dating her, remember that her dad is her hero. Whatever dad says it goes. You have to impress dad for your relationship to work. Don’t be fooled when she fights and argues with her dad.  The dad is special and has a strong bond. According to the Greeks, the bond between a father and his children is only severed after death. Don’t feel bad if she has to run everything by her dad first. Before she gets used to you and you are married it is her dad who will always be consulted.

Music Is Important

Music is a great part of Greek culture and deeply rooted in tradition. The local music is a mix of ethnic and jazz and it is used to express emotions of the moment or the past. Music for the Greeks produces feelings of sadness, festivity, heroism, humor and in some instances seduction. When she wants to just listen to music and not talk, listen along with her and share the moment because it is deep.   


Greek dating culture is not complicated if you understand it. Once you love a lady from Greece, it is up to you to make the relationship work because she will not give you a difficult time. A Greek lady understands that you are a foreign man and not familiar with her dating culture.  Still, you have to do your best to make the relationship work and result in a long-term commitment.

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